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Introducing Perfect Bound Distribution in partnership with Simon & Schuster

Perfect Bound now offers global distribution services for all publishers on the platform through Simon & Schuster. Click below to apply today.


Perfect Bound

The one-stop platform for book publishers.

Title management.

Sales & inventory tracking.

Printing marketplace.

Royalties & rights management.

All in one place.

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Transform the Way You Publish

Perfect Bound offers a complete suite of services for publishing houses of all sizes, including title management, a global printing marketplace, inventory and sales reports, and royalties and rights statements.


Title Management

Control all your title metadata—from catalog copy to keywords to covers to ARCs—with bi-weekly ONIX feeds to distributors and retailers worldwide.


Printing Marketplace

Get competitive bids from printers worldwide to secure the best prices and effectively control COGS across your entire catalog.


Inventory & Sales

Get daily automated inventory and sales reports to forecast effectively and track revenue in real time.


Royalties & Rights

Deliver accurate royalty statements and pay contributors on time using the most comprehensive payment platform and author portal on the market.

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Title Management

Take Ownership of Your Entire Catalog

Control your metadata and all your assets while enjoying flexibility and complete ownership of your catalog.

Intuitive, step-by-step title metadata creation

Secure storage and archiving for covers, interiors, samples, digital ARCs, and more 

Bi-weekly ONIX feeds to all distribution partners

The Printing Marketplace

Unlock a Global Network of Partners Using Perfect Bound’s Printing Marketplace

Transform your printing process with one-click quotes and simple reprints:

  • Simple, standardized specs for everything from hardcovers to bath books to decks

  • Browse company profiles, read reviews, and meet and work with new and trusted partners

  • Submit RFQs to dozens of printers at once, ensuring you get the best price for your print run

Quickly receive bids on your projects, compare quotes, and choose your optimal print partner based on factors like turnaround, price, payment terms, and more.

Perfect Bound’s network of printers allows you to print exactly how and what you want in any market, whether you are looking for digital short runs, low-cost paperbacks, high-end CMYK+ designs, special effects, lightning-fast turnaround times, and eco-friendly options.

50+ printers on
six continents
Print Anything You can Imagine 
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Sales & Inventory (launching Summer 2024)

Store All Your Sales Data In One Place 

Starting this summer, Perfect Bound users can automate sales and inventory reports and accurately track the movement of books through warehouses worldwide.

Track sales as they occur with advanced time-series visualizations

Monitor inventory for every title and forecast demand reliably 

Incorporate global accounts to monitor earnings accurately

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Royalty Mock Up.jpg
Royalties & Rights (launching Fall 2024)

Simplify the Royalty and Rights Process 

At Perfect Bound, we uniquely understand the complexity of managing royalty statements, payments, and global rights for large catalogs spanning decades. We can streamline it for you.

Deliver accurate, transparent payments and royalty statements 

Manage rights sales around the world across your entire list

Receive notifications for everything from upcoming payments to the expiration of rights

Our Publishers

Perfect Bound is trusted by more than 150 independent publishers around the world to help streamline their operations–whether that's optimizing print runs, managing catalogs, or paying authors.

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Try Perfect Bound for Free Through September

Perfect Bound is free for all users through September 2024. Starting this fall, publishers can use the full suite of services starting at just $5 per title per month. Larger publishers can contact the Perfect Bound team to learn about enterprise pricing.

  • Coming September 2024

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    Start using Perfect Bound for just $5/month for your first title.
Printers & Manufacturers

Become a Perfect Bound Printing Partner


Need to access the legacy version of Perfect Bound's printing marketplace? Click here:

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